Visionary started my career.

We see how things evolve in life and we see how things are always changing. There are a few who really notice the change in culture, and there are other who don’t notice the social change. We walk along the path society has to provided us and we follow along and live our life as if nothing has changed. The years go by and we take for granted those subtle changes that life has made. Looking back at our early years, there were a few people that we look up to and there are a few things in which we guide our lives from. Many do not realize that some of the people, relationships, and even paths that we take in our life are due to some of these subtle changes that we make. From the purchase of our first car, the class elective that we decided to take in high school, or even the music we listen to. We take for granted those things that we do not notice that have changed our direction in life.

When a take a closer look at these things, I realize that someone has influenced my life in a different direction. This small change in direction is what has taken me on a long rewarding career. I look at the world in a different way, I do things in a completely different manner, and I tackle problems not from a common sense perspective, but from a analytical perspective. Those changes in my life are not because they are with in me, but they have been developed by the small subtle interaction with things that I never noticed before.

Looking today at the news I see where my career began, I know where it all started, because interacting with different things made me who I am today.

My first computer was an Apple computer in which I developed my skills in software programming, and architectural drafting in high school. I look back at this event in my life and see the news today, and now I know what it means to change the world.

Steve Jobs, thank you for changing my life.


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