There is always…

a part in our character that can take us to the brink of insanity. What makes us who we are is always the reason why we fail sometime. We follow our own convictions and we follow our own demise to think that we are only human and that is why we fail. There are many of us who try to embrace a sense of pride of what we have, but in order to feel comfortable with our selves we need to surround our self with things that do not matter to develop our soul. Facebook, Twitter, these are things that only satisfy the outer shell of our personality. Yet we find that as soon as we complete our twitter update and our Facebook post we see that nothing has changed but the fact that your personal life has been shared with the world to critic or support.

If we look deeper in our own self we find that there are things that we can accomplish besides making it known to the world as to why you are upset or why you are happy. Let’s share those moments with the world, but at the same time let’s share a solution. We can always talk about what we did wrong or what went wrong but we never talk about what we are going to do right. If we took just a little time to think about what we write to others and then just find a solution to that problem we can see that our life can actually be more satisfying.

I have always found the energy to critic someone and my self, but there has never been a time, that I can remember, that I never provided positive feedback on how to fix the issue or do things better to make it right. We sink our morale and we enclose our self in the negative stance that nature as human is all we have, and that is not the case. When we can think this way we can see that there is something wrong with our way of life. Whether is money, or relationship there is always a way to display the humanity that we have with in us to not only help ourselves but also help others.

The most important fact about all is that we must find our happiness and we must find it by solving problems with ourselves.


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