Opening an open door

There is an expression that I always like to use in situations in which I feel is appropriate. This expression is so important that it defines the very meaning of why we live and why we die.

We define our lives by the actions that we embark on during our journey through this world and this life. In this very moment we are reacting these situations and we are responding according, and in many cases, geared tours these situations. Why? Why do we live to do the next and the next and yet the next? Don’t we have control of the outcome or the results that we are trying to achieve?

In some way we can say that we have full control of what we do and what we say, and there are situations in which we just react. Which one do we respond on? Or which one do we let go as is?Those reactions is what defines what we do, because we can say that we really do not have control of what happens next. We can guide our life in one path and we can adjust our path and educate ourselves to be prepared for what comes next. But, what happens when the situation changes and we find our selves making another decision and reacting to the new situation. Can we then realize that we are not in control. Or do we accept it as “bump” in the road or a “side step” of life.

The expression is what carries our mind to look for the next outcome, even if the most recent one was not achieved to specifications. We make the leap to the next situation knowing that what we have left behind is what has been set and done, without thinking that what we have been through is a defining moment in our life.

What really is a defining moment in our life? What is the engine that drives us to define our lives? How can we change it? Well, the answer is the expression that I have been able to use for every single moment since I learned how to use it.

With that expression I can define what I have done, what I will do and what I will leave behind. I speak to others using this expression as a guide, because what I say and do will define what will happen to me and which direction I will be heading, and most importantly, what I will leave behind.

Using it has helped me create a career, be good father, and most recently trying to achieve the ultimate goal of having a family.

The expression or phrase that I like to use is:  Create Future.

With this phrase you can look back at what you have done and ask your self, did you create future? You can eat a sandwich and drink a glass of water and ask your self, did you create future? Look within your life and with in the things that make you happy at the moment and ask your self, did you create future?

The ultimate goal for all of us in this world is to create future, and if you understand the meaning of this phrase you will never wake up again without asking yourself, did you create future?

Building a block in your life has never been easy, but when you do make the next one, always think that the people around you are either creating future or creating a past.

Great people in this world are not known for creating the most wonderful history, they are great because during their journey they created a wonderful future either with their family, their friends, their partner, or the world.

I don’t know about you, but I just created future!


Protesters Camp at Boston Dewey Square

Protesters Camp at Boston Dewey Square

My point of view throughout this entire experience is that many of these kids do not act upon their potential, and blame the system for their misfortune. If they just harness that energy into developing new ideas to improve their life, the phrase “if life gives you lemon you make lemonade” is true in this situation.

I interviewed a kid which has an open mind, but has decided to drop out of high school. To me, that is just plain stupid. If your life is already in a difficult situation, why add to the problem by not getting educated?

Some believe this will not change anything in Washington or Wall Street for that matter. What we must do, is use what we have an make something out of nothing.

A Greek philosopher by the name of Epicurus once said:

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for.”

Also Prime Minister said:

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
Sir Winston Churchill

You must follow what you have and do things that only you can overcome with your current situation, because only you understand your situation.

Yankees choke or did they?

Watched the baseball game of Yankees v. Tigers. Looking at every pitch and every moment that transcribe last night had me on the edge of my seat. I can careless about the Yankees, but I do have to admit that it was an exciting game.

I enjoyed watching Juaquin “Walking” Beniot pitched during the 7th and 8th inning. The gripping moments when he would be behind at the count, 3-0 with two man on base and Granderson at bat. Granderson is clearly a threat to any pitcher, and his record clearly states that he is a man not to be taken lately. As “Walking” Beniot look down at home plate catcher and slightly shake his head as to deny the selection by the catcher to throw a slider or a breaking ball, knowing that a mistake would load the bases. The call is set, and “Walking” pitches a high fast ball that loads the bases. These were the moments in the game that I would hold on to my baseball tight, because I know that the Yankees at any moment can strike a blow, and the Tigers would lose their lead from 3-2 in 7th.

“Walking” Beniot pitched a low breaking ball to Robertson Cano which quickly fly out and set the stage for Alex Rodrigues “A-Rod” to come to the plate. “Walking” pitches a fastball down the pipe and catches Rod looking. At this moment, my hands are sweating and the baseball is starting to get uncomfortable in my hand. “Walking” pitches a slider on a 0-2 count, and Rod swing and strikes out at the end of the 7th.

That moment was the defining moment that shifted the momentum to Detroit, and it was all over for the Yankees. The opportunity that the Yankees had in the 7th could not have been better placed for them, but they were unable to capitalize from their lineup.

In the end Valverde pitched again to Rod in the 9th, but it was a 1-2-3 strike which ended the game and gave a stunning victory to the Tigers to move on to the ALCS

In the end the Yankees had many opportunities, but it was the key at bat that made the difference in the game, and those at bat came from three strike outs by Alex Rodriguez.

You can add your opinion to the mix, but there is no doubt that A-Rod choked last night.

Visionary started my career.

We see how things evolve in life and we see how things are always changing. There are a few who really notice the change in culture, and there are other who don’t notice the social change. We walk along the path society has to provided us and we follow along and live our life as if nothing has changed. The years go by and we take for granted those subtle changes that life has made. Looking back at our early years, there were a few people that we look up to and there are a few things in which we guide our lives from. Many do not realize that some of the people, relationships, and even paths that we take in our life are due to some of these subtle changes that we make. From the purchase of our first car, the class elective that we decided to take in high school, or even the music we listen to. We take for granted those things that we do not notice that have changed our direction in life.

When a take a closer look at these things, I realize that someone has influenced my life in a different direction. This small change in direction is what has taken me on a long rewarding career. I look at the world in a different way, I do things in a completely different manner, and I tackle problems not from a common sense perspective, but from a analytical perspective. Those changes in my life are not because they are with in me, but they have been developed by the small subtle interaction with things that I never noticed before.

Looking today at the news I see where my career began, I know where it all started, because interacting with different things made me who I am today.

My first computer was an Apple computer in which I developed my skills in software programming, and architectural drafting in high school. I look back at this event in my life and see the news today, and now I know what it means to change the world.

Steve Jobs, thank you for changing my life.

There is always…

a part in our character that can take us to the brink of insanity. What makes us who we are is always the reason why we fail sometime. We follow our own convictions and we follow our own demise to think that we are only human and that is why we fail. There are many of us who try to embrace a sense of pride of what we have, but in order to feel comfortable with our selves we need to surround our self with things that do not matter to develop our soul. Facebook, Twitter, these are things that only satisfy the outer shell of our personality. Yet we find that as soon as we complete our twitter update and our Facebook post we see that nothing has changed but the fact that your personal life has been shared with the world to critic or support.

If we look deeper in our own self we find that there are things that we can accomplish besides making it known to the world as to why you are upset or why you are happy. Let’s share those moments with the world, but at the same time let’s share a solution. We can always talk about what we did wrong or what went wrong but we never talk about what we are going to do right. If we took just a little time to think about what we write to others and then just find a solution to that problem we can see that our life can actually be more satisfying.

I have always found the energy to critic someone and my self, but there has never been a time, that I can remember, that I never provided positive feedback on how to fix the issue or do things better to make it right. We sink our morale and we enclose our self in the negative stance that nature as human is all we have, and that is not the case. When we can think this way we can see that there is something wrong with our way of life. Whether is money, or relationship there is always a way to display the humanity that we have with in us to not only help ourselves but also help others.

The most important fact about all is that we must find our happiness and we must find it by solving problems with ourselves.